DD: I think my players blew up the (game) world

This may have been my mistake or it may not. And I'm almost sure that my players aren't the first to do this but it does leave me with problems since they did it so early in the campaign.

First I allowed them to spend a week or so simply typing the text of the Dossier into a computer by hand: I could come up with no way that the magic on it would prevent that. Photographs and scanning didn't work but simple typing did.

They then, having been chased out of their safehouse by rats scouting for the Biggest Bad, dumped the manuscript into a large metal waste bin at New Street Station Birmingham and set fire to it. As it burned the face of the Count himself emerged from the flames and glared down at them.

That wasn't the breaking bit. I had decided that the manuscript was what was keeping people from noticing the fact that there really was a Lord Godalming and a Van Helsing (look, I just thought hard about having to track all those worknames and went for a simple solution) so what they had just done was blow Edom's cover big time. But that was fine. I could deal with that.

Then in the next session they uploaded the file to wikileaks (using an email address assigned to the 10 Downing Street cat) and also to Lulu. E-mails also went to two journalists (including the one investigating the Lisky Bratva who they met during their run through that story) and to the Canadian Air Force General they believe is taking an interest. They did take out the latest annotations by 'Hopkins' though.

Now, that doesn't bugger up the world entirely. Edom managed to take down the file on Lulu by the next day and has covered it as 'a publicity stunt for a new film: how embarrassing for the PM's IT security people'.

But now the word is out throughout the parts of the secret world that know about the vampire issue. I don't see how they are going to live through this.

And the Count is going to want their hides. Literally, since he can probably reinstate the magic that makes people think he's fictional if he can use their skins as parchment. This will at least ensure that people try to take them alive.

I can't tell (and this is the worrying thing) if the players are trying to tell me that they are bored with the campaign and want to end it early.

Any advice?


  • Well, you could ask the players if they're bored and hope to get honest answers. But perhaps they're having a great time taking on the challenge head first, being smart about it and succeeding! So what if the Count goes after them? I recall reading the Hardy Boy stories as a kid. It was inevitable that Frank and Joe would do something that brought them to the attention of the bad guys. Invariably, as the bad guys tried to run the brothers off the road or otherwise intimidate them, Frank would say, "We're on the right track!" So, run with it. Throw everything you can at the players. Try to _win_. And after you do, and the current PCs are dead and buried, the players may be more than ready to get their revenge. Or, if the PCs win, good for them!
  • Move them up on both Dracula's and Edom's response pyramid and put pressure on the agents. Meanwhile, leads from the unredacted text start getting closed up. In a week, a lot of avenues of inquiry will become dead ends (which can still actually have clues, but now the leads are due to the enemy trying to cover tracks). Friendly reporters or investigators get scared off, killed, or turned. By all means have their stunt yield real positive results for them, but also have them be contacted by witnesses who turn up dead before they can tell the agents their info or who lead them into a trap.

    Basically, this can change the flavor or tone of the trail of clues you're feeding them.

    And the rest of the world is likely to dismiss or simply not care about what the PCs have exposed. Let it get them one good, solid lead or piece of help or friendly NPC they couldn't have gotten otherwise, and otherwise make their lives more difficult.
  • If I worked for Edom and discovered that somebody had transcribed the Dracula Dossier, I'd instruct the front company I'd set up years ago to launch a Kickstarter campaign to publish it. Operation Pelgrane.
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