Resistances and persuasions for NPC's

In the core rules, it states that persuade attempts are always contests. What happens if you try and persuade a supporting character and try and use their downfall against them? For instance, the parrots downfall of gluttony for crackers?


  • I think I would allow a Persuade attempt that brings in the target's Downfall to trump the Rebuff resisting the persuasion. So, in the case of Jubsy the parrot, his Rebuff would be trumped by Glib persuaders and any persuaders offering a cracker.
    Another option would be to allow the persuade to simply work without a contest--the opposite of the 'Unpersuadable' sidebar. I suppose it would depend on exactly what was at stake, and which of the persuasion attempt's success or failure would be more entertaining.
  • Thanks. That makes good sense.
  • Of course, at all times do whatever will make the game most entertaining; this should be foremost in your mind as GM. Also, never forget "The Overarching Rule of Efficacious Blandishment" which states quite firmly that if the player can provide a convincing argument for the GM then it is entirely within his purview - indeed nearly, but not always, his responsibility - to wave the rules as stated in favor of the more reasoned (or amusing) rationale.
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