Question regarding Chaos mage multiclassing

Hi there!
I'm trying to make a Chaos mage/Wizard multiclass but some wild questions suddenly appear. I'm searching all around the internet and can't find anything about it.

The first one: Wizard has the "Ritual casting" class feature but in Chaos mage is stated that it cannot has the "Ritual magic" feat, so I'm assuming that this includes the Wizard's class feature. Is it right? And in that case, I just remove the class feature and take a class talent to compensate instead?

And the second one: The Chaos mage thanks to his class feature "Common spell roster" is supposed to has all the spells in their level or lower. Is it the same for the Wizard part of the multiclass or I better take the wizard's multiclass table and look there for the Wizard's spells?

Thank you very much for your time and sorry if something is poorly writen, English is not my native language :smile:


  • I think the multiclassed character can ritual-cast their Wizard spells but not their Chaos Mage spells in this case.

    In your second question, it is not the same for the Wizard part of the multiclass - they work as a normal wizard on that side of things.
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