Dracula Dossier - Additional Third Parties

Has anyone done any?


  • I began my current campaign with a post-USSR conspiracy that ensnared the PCs. It's been dismantled, and they've coopted a Russian scientist to try and create enough red mercury to harm Dracula in the final encounter (it having been found to render an independent vampire relatively inert). Their decision to commend a medical technician to a MI6 contact for safekeeping in the very first session wasn't the wisest.
  • Personally, I'm working up Good Lady Ducayne and Dr Parravicini (though I'm uncertain on whether I want to include them or just the blood transfusion kit). But Braddon was acquainted with Stoker, so there's speculation that they influenced one another on their respective stories - and it makes sense that Van Helsing might have been acquainted with Dr Parravicini.
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