Psychological Triage one spent or two?

I am not native english speaker, so sorry about that.
I didn't quite understand the rule of Psychological Triage in ToC game.
If I want to help another investigator, what should I do?
I suppose I should spent some pool points and than make a test. Let me spent 6 points and difficult is 4.
So I roll 3. Does my fellow restore (6+3-4)*2=10 point of stability? Or it doesn't work like that?
If I roll 6. Does my fellow restore 12 points of stability?

Maybe I just must make a test and only after it spend points to restore stability pool like it is in first aid ability?


  • I know you've been waiting for some feedback. I had to go re-read the rule. Here's how I would do it--The Psychological Triage test is made at a difficulty of 4. The character can spend any number of Psychoanalysis points to make the test--including 0. Then, if the test is successful, additional Psychoanalysis points can be spent to restore Stability to the patient at a ratio of 1 Psychoanalysis point per 2 Stability.
    To modify your example, a character with 6 Psychoanalysis points to spend might spend 3 points of Psychoanalysis to guarantee success on the Psychoanalysis roll. Then the character would spend the remaining 3 Psychoanalysis points to restore 6 Stability points to the patient.
    I guess this is closer to your second method, although I do not recall a test needed for First Aid.
    That being said, if you want to use your first method, and base the effect of Psychological Triage on ((Points Spent + Die Roll) - Target Number)*2), that would be fine with me, too. Your players would like it, I am sure. I think that works out better for the characters since there are no wasted points.
  • The way the rulebook phrases the rule it could be either lurs' or Mel_White's way.

  • I'm trying to find out the definite answer - I'll post back later.
  • OK - I asked for clarification from Simon himself of Pelgrane Press and the answer is:

    Make a test first ( you can spend points to try to pass this test ).
    If you pass the test, you spend more points and it is these points only that are used to calculate the amount of Stability given to the patient.

    Example (Sigmund is trying to give Stability to Paul):

    Sigmund spends 2 Psychoanalysis pool points on the difficulty 4 test and rolls 3 on the die - thus Sigmund passes the test ( with a total of 2+3 = 5 ), so can now spend extra Psychoanalysis points to restore Stability.

    He spends just 1 more point to restore twice this second spend i.e. 2x1 = 2 Stability points to Paul.
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