Stability as MOS?

We're doing character creation at the minute and one of my players wants to pick Stability for his MOS. This feels like it shouldn't work, but I can't find anything to say it's not an acceptable choice. Can you take Cover, Network, Health or Stability as your MOS?


  • No, it just doesn't make any sense. Sounds like a power gamer - stamp on him now or forever get screwed over in game.
  • I'm not clear how Stability is a power-gamey choice for MOS - please explain?

    Like, I think it's massively unfun, but that's not the same...
  • I think anything that requires a die roll makes sense as an MOS. Network probably doesn't make sense as an MOS since any rolls required are simulating actions of people in the Network and not the PC. You could make a case for Cover, since a test of the cover identity might require a die roll and it certainly is the PC being tested. I don't think picking Stability is particularly game-breaking; it's simply simulating a character who is cool under pressure. Once per session the character automatically succeeds at a Stability check. Big deal. It's certainly no worse narratively than the character that just so happens to have a man-portable surface to air missile in a high rise conference room using Preparedness as an MOS. I agree it may not be "fun", but it's a very clear character concept.
  • I agree with Mel. Passing a single Stability check is probably even less powerful than something like Shooting.
  • I agree with Mel and John. Once a session, the character gets his moment in the spotlight, essentially by not losing it. The only problem I can think of is that it might be hard for the player to narrate in a compelling fashion, whereas other skills lend themselves more easily to descriptive play.
  • Mechanically, Cover and Network can't be your MOS because you use them to make seperate pools of points, and THOSE get rolled. Health and Stability can technically work. And both, I think, are fair choices. However, the real value if an MOS is that the player can plan for it and utilize it. If my MOS is Driving, I can get into a chase with confedence. If my MOS is Intrusion, my plans will often rely on sneaking into places. If my MOS is shooting, I know I can always go in guns blazing or shoot my way out of trouble. A canny group of PCs will attempt to use their MOS abilities as often as possible and shape their plans and responses accordingly. Stability and Health are valid choices and clear charater concepts, but they are rolled in response to things happening to you. I would just make that point to the player so they can make an informed decision.
  • Stability and Health I think are weird but OK for MOS; you could for example use them when you are on a minus and near a threshold. Being on 0 Stability and being able to succeed at a Stability test, however hard, could be quite useful. Likewise for Health, you could allow it for a Consciousness test.
  • I was going to say I didn't think Stability should work, but the counterarguments convinced me otherwise - a supreme moment of mental or physical endurance certainly seems in-genre.
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