Dracula Dossier ram-raid campaign

I'm planning a Dracula Dossier mini-campaign (four sessions across one weekend), going for Burn and Mirror modes. I'm thinking I'd like to end up with the Putin-flavoured Capstone, but does anyone have any cool recommendations for how we go from session 1 being "holy crap vampires are REAL?" to "holy crap we have to stop Dracula taking over Russia?" :smile:


  • Four sessions? And am I too late to offer any advice? I think in this case, my advice would be to *start* with the capstone. Have the Agents go to Bucharest because that many political and courting-of-political types is a good place to look for their kind of work.

    Have Hopkins be an Edom insider who's discovered evidence that Dracula is going to attempt this, but has been shut down by Hound, who is absolutely for reals sure that nothing can go wrong with using him this time. So she reaches out to the Agents with that evidence instead of the default Dossier.
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