Ranger/Commander Multiclass

Hey hey,
So, I currently play a Dragonic Ranger but have been eyeing up a move to a Ranger/Commander multiclass. This seems to work quite well if I've read True Ways correctly!
One question: I gain Command Points when hitting with a Commander melee attack…but the Ranger multi-class Feat says, “While you are fighting with two melee weapons, you now gain the benefit of your Two-Weapon Mastery talent and any feats you’ve taken for it even when using attacks from your non-ranger class.”.
So I can make a Commander attack using my TWM talent and feat, and therefore have 2 opportunities at hitting and gaining command points?? It doesn’t mention the Double Melee Attack talent, which is what allows me to make 2 attacks on an even roll, but states “while you are fighting with two melee weapons”. Is it assumed that if I’m fighting with two weapons I must have the DMA talent?


  • RAW no. Basically you can use a commander attack with two weapons and gain whatever you gain with TWM such as a +1 to damage.
  • Hi UrsusMimas,
    Thanks for the reply. Sorry, but what's RAW?
    The question is, do I get 2 opportunities to gain Command Points as both strikes would be Commander attacks?
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    Sorry RAW stands for Rules as Written. Two weapon mastery Talent gives you a +1 bonus to attacks. It does Not give you access to the Double Melee Attack Talent.

    The Commander multiclass talent does allow you to use an attack from your other class and still gain command points. This (I believe) means you could you could use double melee attack and gain command points for both attacks once per battle.
  • aaah, ok. I think I follow now.

    As a 2-weapon fighter with the DMA talent and the TWM talent I can make 2 Ranger attacks making use of both talents, or one Commander attack that would still gain the bonus of my +1 to attack from TWM and allow me to gain Command Points.

    As I wouldn't be able to use my DMA talent with a Commander attack I assume my weapon dice wouldn't drop a size (eg, my 1D8 sword normally drops to a 1D6 because of DMA, but a hit with a Commander attack wouldn't take this penalty and uses 1D8)

    Thanks again for your help UM. Gold star for you!
  • Hi folks,
    Still getting my head around multi-classing.

    1. Reading True Ways, it says I have the "Basic Attacks from both your classes", but then goes on to state "you get the benefit of using the better Weapon Attack abilities among your two classes". So, when making a Commander melee attack do I use STR as it's a Commander attack, or DEX as I would for a Ranger attack (my DEX is higher)?

    2. Key Ability Modifier. States "the talents are class elements that are affected by the key ability modifiers". So I assume basic attacks are not affected, but commands and tactics are.

    Thanks again for any help offered.

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