Crating Characters Above 1st Level

There doesn't seem to be any kind of Character Wealth by Level table like in D&D or Pathfinder, so I would like to know how much gold and how many magic items players start with when making 2nd to 10th level characters. I would also be interested to know whether it's ok to make characters above 1st level for Organised Play.

Just wondering if there is any official guidance on this, or if anyone has any good house rules.


  • At my table (not Organised Play!) when we've added a new character I've had them come in with one true magic item per level (which makes them equivalent to everyone else at the table) and normal starting cash
  • For my Organized Play sessions, I have new characters take the book's starting gold, and then give them some "catch up" gold. Enough so that they can buy 1 or 2 potions for their respective tier. As a note, I don't use gold often in my sessions. I'd rather reward the players with a magic item or a potion instead of having them amass piles of gold.

    For my magic items, I like to give them their first magic item on their second session and then gradually catch them up to the rest of group as 1 magic item per session, usually. Players are usually trying to figure out the game and spells/skills on their first session and shouldn't (ideally) be worrying about wealth. Scale them to the rest of the party when that player returns for a second play session.

    I recommend starting with level 2 characters, and the bulk (maybe all?) of Organized Play sessions have characters starting at level 2. I think starting a new character at Epic might be overwhelming with all the choices and options, but I haven't gotten that far yet to know. I've had new players try the game out with fresh level 2, level 3, level 4, and level 5 without any trouble.

    Character wealth is meant to be fluid with this system. Do whatever feels the most intuitive for your game/play style.
  • Thanks for the advice - much appreciated!
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