Question about Adapting Stone Thief Campaign

Hey folks!
I just discovered 13th Age through the Stone Thief campaign. I really love the idea of the campaign, but the current group I DM is a 5e DnD group. Has anyone adapted 13th Age adventures to 5e? Im curious as to how difficult it would be to port stuff over.


  • I know this answer won't be especially useful, but... don't. It will be a huge amount of work and you'll end up with a much worse campaign.

    If your group isn't ready to at least try 13th Age, and for something as great as Thief, I doubt they're ready for the required play style. Better stick with something traditional (and I'm not saying this out of disdain - I love OSR). Just play Barakus or something like that.
  • Why wouldn't it work? If you like the idea of the campaign, can't you just port the story and general feel to your 5e group? Just replace any monster sections and fights with their DnD equivalent.

    I haven't played much 5e, but it's not hard to re-use campaign stories. I'm using ideas and campaign stories from Scarred Lands' Blood Bayou and Hollowfaust books for my 13th Age games. The spells and monsters wouldn't be worth the work to translate over, but the magic items and adventure hooks require minimal effort on my part.
  • Of course you "can", but 13th Age is just a different beast than 4/5th ed. Very different. In fact, this makes it unsuitable for a certain style of play (traditional dungeon delving, for example -- just see how traps are usually abstracted away).

    On the other hand, something explicitly written with 13A in mind (Stone Thief, but see also, for example, something much simpler like Strangling Sea) just isn't the same with a system like 5ed, that just brings too much baggage with itself.

    All that said, by all means, go ahead and do it if you want - you're gonna have fun, that's for sure!
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