Tartarus: Rescendence?

Hey, all,

I'm about to run Tartarus tonight, and, looking over the material, I don't actually see what clues would compel the PCs to look into SGI before Tartarus, and I see nothing at all that would lead them to Rescendence. Considering that the information they gain from those scenes is strictly background, I'm not too worried about it, but I wonder what other GMs did with these encounters. I figure I'll drop a mysterious clue about Rescendence into the players' background knowledge after they've read the contract. Maybe for a spend, even, since nothing crucial comes out of it.


  • Well, anyhow, mentioned it, one player wrote it down, no one pursued it.
  • Oh, just seeing this! How'd the game go?
  • Good--I'll write it up on my Obsidian Portal site sometime soon, but lots of action so far, and, finally, lots of gunplay. The AS campaign has been pretty talkie-thinkie so far, which is *great,* but I want them to be concerned about their health as well.

    We stopped just before they entered the "Alien Complex." They picked up the "Prometheus" connection pretty early on.

    The second half of the adventure shouldn't take a whole session, so I'll have them sit with the books a bit and try to spend some of the ridiculous amounts of bigcreds they've accumulated. And I'm going to have them pick one of the "Hot Contracts" from Accretion Disk as the basis of their fourth mission, just kind of simulating the idea that the Lasers actually do pick and choose their contracts. Whatever they choose, it'll be a one-session-max improvisational game with emphasis on zaniness and creative Investigative Point spends. (I'm probably going to kind of steal from FATE a bit, letting a Investigative spend allow them to steer the plot in this case).

    So, fun! Thanks for asking!
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