[Dracula Dossier] Specific handout as clue *** Directors Only! Spoilers! ***

Just got my players into the Dracula Dossier campaign using The Harker Intrusion as the entry vector. It ended with them getting a copy of the dossier itself. They didn't follow up on the Gibraltar clues, but I think they're likely to do so in the next session. I'd like for them to find a copy of the E-Squadron briefing, but I'm leery of letting them know about HMS Proserpine too soon, because that's a pretty big node, and they're just beginning to learn about the existence of vampires and of Edom. They're likely to latch onto the name as a solid clue they can research.

Has anyone given this one out early in the campaign, and if so, what do you think of the HMS Proserpine issue?


  • As it turned out, I let them find out about HMS Proserpine via another avenue. Something of Edom's was shipped there; they traced it through multiple stops thanks to a combination of spectacular Digital Intrusion successes (including an MOS use) and old-style spying (stealing someone's ID card and getting access to an RAF base from which the package had been helicoptered out to Proserpine). That's where the session ended. I expect that next session they'll try to get to Proserpine, and we'll have something of a dungeon crawl / raid experience as they go space-to-space.

    What I'm trying to figure out now is how much opposition they should face. There are four PCs; only one is a combat monster. Even with thriller combat rules, they're likely to get chewed up facing just a couple of squads of ex-SBS Proserpine ratings. Maybe I'll have them let out a captive (and angry) vampire and watch the carnage. Much to decide before the next game session!
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