Non-Car Chases With Multiple PCs

Hey all,

I'm a little confused about how to run a chase with the PCs. When it's in a car, that's no problem. The driver is the one making the chase-relevant general ability check every round. But what about when they are each running or riding a different motorcycle or something? The one time I did a (short) foot chase (PCs were the runners), I had them all piggyback on the person with the best athletics, but that didn't really feel like everyone was involved in the run.

Some possibilities I was thinking of:
* Everyone piggybacks on the person with the LOWEST rating (the thinking being that that slowpoke is the one that is most likely to be caught)
* Everyone makes a check every round, and the worst roll determines how well the group did
* We rotate who makes the check each round. Perhaps just sequentially or we jump to whoever has the lowest in the relevant POOL that turn (so as the chase goes on and people get winded or whatever, the slowest person varies)

I specifically was thinking about a thriller chase, but a full contest type chase would have a similar issue, I think. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated! Thank1


  • First: If the agents are pursuers in a foot or bike chase, there´s a rule for that: multiple pursuers (p. 57).

    If the agents are the runners, the situation is different. You´re possibilities are o.k., I think. If you want the agents to represent a group, all possibilities are thinkable.

    But I´m not sure if I´d consider the agents as GROUP if they are runners in a chase by foot or bike. I think, I´d choose your second possibility and adapt it as follows: "Everyone makes a check every round and determines how well HE did." Maybe the pursuers are content with one caught runner, then the chase would stop after the first agent got caught. Or the pursuers want to catch all of them. Then the chase would continue.
  • I just ran a foot chase this weekend, with the PCs as pursuers. I let them piggyback on the PC with the highest Athletics, because they explicitly said they wanted to work together, individuals helping out other individuals. I figured this way was simplest, particularly since they were running through the narrow, twisty alleyways of Marrakesh's old city. They worked together to cut off avenues of escape, and a lot of parkour was involved, since they all had Athletics over 8. It worked pretty well. If it was a Dust-mode game, I'd probably let them piggyback on the lowest Athletics rating, as the OP suggested.
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