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I've been working on converting my own Fantasy World to 13th Age (Love the Simplicity and Epic Storytelling).
BY and large it's been fairly simple and even most of my races were pretty easy to match to an existing race; except one.
The Race I have listed below I had to work up myself but I'm not 100% happy with it and could use some help to make it work in the 13th Age System.
The idea is fine but I'm not sure about the racial power. I'm considering going in another direction and giving them an ability to Shift and Manifest Additional Features which may simplify things greatly, but I am open to other suggestions.

The Animae:
+2 Con or +2 Dex or +2 Str (Cannot be the same as class modifier)

The Animae is a catch-all category for humans whose ancestors, driven by a deep survival instinct, bargained with powerful Animal Spirits and forged the first Bond-Pacts. Those Pacts have been handed down through many, many generations. All Animae Characters should have a Background, possibly even their One Unique Thing, that is reflective of their Animal-blood (Canen, Thaur, Ursane etc). This will cover things like, fur, woodland skills etc. but not natural weapons or additional movement forms).

Wild-Blooded (Racial Power)
Each Animae character can choose ONE of the following Animal Features appropriate to their Animal Heritage; these features are always active. The Choices should be appropriate to the Animal Species the character is based off of.
NOTE: No character can be of mixed animal species as any child of a mixed-blood relationship will take after one parent OR the other (Though siblings of the same parents can each be of either parent); they may however take on a personality trait of either of their parents species. Mixed-blood Animae are very rare and tend to stick with in the same categories (Mammals to mammals, Predator to Predator, Herbivore to Herbivore etc…).

Animal Features:
Natural Weapons (Claw, Horns, Fangs); can make a close-quarters unarmed attack using your Strength + Level as the modifier. A successful hit does 1d6+ Str damage +1d6 + Level
Alternate Movement (Flight or Swim); Character can Fly or Swim at normal speeds.
Alternative Locomotion (Tail or Insectile legs instead of Humanoid)
Extra Limb (Insectile typically or Tail); can be Prehensile (grab a third item) or grant ability to make one Quick Action Natural Weapon Attack (if Character has Natural Weapons; claws) per round.
Environmental Adaptation (Breathing Underwater etc...); self-explanatory
Enhanced Senses (Sight, Hearing, Smell etc…); +1 any one Perception-related Checks /round.
Thick Hide (Fur, Scales etc); +1 AC

Champion Feat: Choose one Additional Animal Feature.
Epic Feat: Choose one More Animal Feature

Note; Neither additional Feature can be one you already Posses; except natural weapons, you can have 1 Claw, 1 Bite and 1 Horn-type; though do not gain any extra attacks.


  • Natural Weapons seems a bit weird. Maybe just a STR-based basic melee attack that does (level)D6+(STR mod as tier-appropriate)?
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