The Harker Intrusion

Has anyone run The Harker Intrusion, particularly as an introduction to the Dracula Dossier?
I'm looking for any tips or problem areas.

If you've run it, did you try it with the PCs aware of the existence of vampires beforehand (the default) or not? I'm leaning toward the latter.


  • I've run it as an intro to Drac Doss. There weren't any problem areas for me; I just read through it once, highlighted things I thought looked notable, and ran it as written. Went fine.

    When I ran, PCs were not aware of vampires prior to the scenario.
  • I ended up doing the same thing... PCs not aware, and as an intro to the DD campaign. It worked really well, though they only followed one of the three post-extraction leads (they may follow up on the others in the next session); they got the Dossier at the very end.

    Not knowing about vampires worked well, particularly when they encountered the Special Operatives, who were all the more of a surprise.

    Thanks for the comment!
  • Hello,
    Is it possible to find this adventure. I can't really justify buying the Ken Stuff vol3 for just this product and we are looking to start a NBA game soon.
  • Is it possible to get a copy at all?
    It would be great if it was on the NBA resource page, please.
  • You might ask around to see if someone has a Free RPG Day print copy... KWAS is quite worth the price, though.

    If that doesn't work, try the Excess Baggage brief demo on the resource page, or No Choice, Pal, from the same page, which is a full adventure.
  • Thanks.
    Its the crappy exchange rate that was putting me off.
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