Investigative Journalists game?

Hi folks,

I've been watching too much of The Newsroom and maybe Daredevil lately and am pretty keen on the idea of a game with investigative journalists as the PCs. Has anyone worked out a hack for this already, or shall I get on the case myself? :-)


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    I'd start with Fear Itself, since it sounds like PCs are normal folks. Put back in Architecture, Forgery, Accounting, and Pathology/Diagnosis for sure. Probably something for Shadowing/Surveillance & Outdoor Survival too; maybe Taunt and Inspire for more varied GMPC interaction. You might need a High Society or Credit Rating skill to pair with Streetwise, and some Disguise/Impersonate for unusual situations. If you have specific genres in mind, consider some more precise stuff: Fringe Science, Genetics & Bedside Manner for a game with mutant psis, for example.

    Finally, consider the art creation rules in KWAS: School of Night, and have them roll for writing up blockbuster exposes periodically.
  • *nodnod* It definitely needs NBA-style Network as well, I think
  • Yes, I thought of that afterward. Something pressy, like Rolodex.
  • Instead of a network of any great support. Try a Kolchak style game. The reporters begin seeing things that no one believes and they slowly (if they live that long) get relocated to the Enquirer rags and the "bigfoot was my Father" stories.

    Darn it! This is happening and no one believes.....
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