A Stealth ability?

My players are obsessive with the sneaking, so much so that we've discussed carving out a separate ability from Infiltration. I'm interested in whether other groups rely on this ability so heavily, and in thoughts about this issue generally. If anyone has other options for me to consider (like using Mechanics tests or Electronic Surveillance spends for the deactivation of security systems) so much the better!


  • This is not something that has come up for me.  But if the current skills don't cover what you and your group should be a Stealth skill, you could certainly add it.  You'd have to define what is Stealth doing that the other skills are not.  As it says in the book, infiltration is used to creep around and hide, surveillance is used to hide in a crowd and "stealthily" follow a target, athletics is used to flee a pursuer, etc.  In essence, "stealth" is a descriptor for how something is done, rather than  of doing a specific ability.  Can you do "stealth"?  (Not a cut & dried rule, I am sure).  A character may infiltrate and describe the method as through stealth (rather than via bluff or disguise); while another character may surveil a target and describe the method as by stealth (as opposed to by being nondescript or via electronics).  However, if a Stealth skill fills a niche these do not, or if a Stealth skill highlights a particular mode of playing you like it could make sense.     
  • If you separate Stealth out from Infiltration, what's left in Infiltration?  What are the key differences between the two?

    To my mind, the two words are utterly interchangeable.  You might have more joy renaming the Infiltration skill.
  • Per the rules, picking locks, deactivating security systems, hot wiring cars, and arguably finding suitable places for forced entry would remain under the purview of Infiltration. Stealth gets the hiding in shadows, moving silently, and evading cameras. While the two branches are certainly related, I can see a character proficient in only one of them.
  • My group had no issues with their Intrusion skill covering "stealthy movement" and "technical skills", and I'm trying to understand why your players are obsessing over it.

    Is it that their character concept includes sneaking like a ninja, but being technically inept? If so, is it OK to suggest putting less points in Intrusion, and only use them for sneaking? Or is it that they've spent all their intrusion points on technical challenges and want another pool for sneaking?

  • The former. Last game, we shunted some tests into Surveillance and Mechanics when it made narrative sense.
  • I think you solution is what I'd recommend, the players can use pretty much any general skill to complete a task, as long as it makes narrative sense.
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