Critical hits

I'm hoping you can guys can settle something for me. Today during our 13th age session, one of the players said that your strength/dex bonus is not doubled when you crit. I think it is. For example, I am a 4th level rogue with a damage of 4d8 + 3 (for dex). Let's say I crit and I roll 4 4s on the damage roll, which I then double. I think your damage in that case would be 16 + 3 = 19 (x2 for the crit) = 38. My friend thinks it's 16 (x2 for the crit) + 3 = 35. Who's right?


  • A Crit is double damage. That means all damage from that attack. Whether you add your str mod from a melee attack. Whether you don't add any modifier from a wizard spell. Whether you add +1 from a magic item. You calculate the damage from the attack and then double it.
  • Sounds like I'm right, thanks!
  • It's definitely that you're right. Part of the whole idea behind the game is to try for fairly simple math. Which version of those is more easy comparatively for people?
  • We do it by rolling normal damage (adding any modifiers) and then doubling the result at my table...
  • I suppose you could roll double the normal dice then add your ability modifers to the total. But that takes to long.
  • Well, it leads to two different results if you double before and after. Seems like the consensus is that you double the whole amount, which is the way the rules are written. Thanks!
  • The rules seem to suggest that you double yes. That makes sense, otherwise it would be a real pain at higher levels.

    Critical hits also double other effects (like sneak attack, magical weapon effects).

    Worth noting is that ongoing damage is only doubled the first turn if I recall correctly. (like rogue bleeding strike or necromancer rotting curse and so on)
  • We flirted with the idea of just max damage on a crit. So far we stuck to the X2 but seeing as the players get pounded the most with crits i really think it should be just max damage. This of cource would be a house rule.
  • If you do max damage how would you handle Wizard's Evocation.
  • Similarly, how would you handle the Priest Domain power for... War? Strength? Normally, it turns crit damage from double to triple. I remember this well because the priest one shotted boss type characters multiple times. Boss running away, She crits as well with a boost to damage with Strength. Over 200 damage at level 4 or 5.
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