Recommendation on how to build a weapon-focused combat buffer in 13th age

Hello folks! I'm switching over my d&d game to 13th age, and there's a challenge with converting one of the PCs. The main themes here are weapon and armor based buffing; d&d had many, many divine spells along those themes, but 13th age de-emphasizes equipment a lot, and most spells are utility or character buffs,not equipment buffs.

Is there a good way to make a PC in 13th age who hits the theme of 'I improve/enhance/buff my ally's weapons and armor in combat'?


  • Clerics have a few spells that can easily be re-themed to be enhancing the armor or weapon rather than the character.  Just say that when your cleric casts Strength of the Gods, it's actually enchanting the melee weapons to do bonus damage rather than strengthening the characters who wield them.  In-game the effect is the same, it's only the flavor that changes.

    Another interesting option would be to re-theme the Commander.  A lot of commands that let you reroll attacks or add bonus damage could be re-interpreted as temporary buffs to weapons (not as many would work for armor).  Hell, you could re-theme command points to be gathering magical power rather than assessing the tactical situation, then using that power to buff weapons and armor.

    The final, and I think weirdest, option would be the Occultist.  I'm not personally a fan of the Occultist, but the mechanics are all about modifying the attacks of your allies (or debuffing your enemies), so it could also work.

    Also, there is a ring (the ring of runes, I think?) that lets you apply a rune effect on ally's weapons and armor.  Would be very appropriate for such a character to find or make that magic item.  I think there's also a jar of endless magic oil which is similar, though weaker since oils aren't as good as runes.
  • Necromancers suprisingly have a bunch of support spells called Forms(zombie form, vampire form, etc). Maybe multiclass commander/necromancer or cleric/necromancer. or commander/cleric.There are actually quite a few ways to go about it.
  • How comfortable are you with making up magic items? A magic item could easily act as an equipment buffing mechanic. If it's really strong, give it a an appropriate recharge roll to re-use it. You could also create trigger clauses instead of the recharge roll as well.

    Example: Prismatic Sword Umbrella
    Flavor Text Description: [insert story text for your group/player]
    +x bonus to attacks and damage (physical)
    Mechanic: The owner must take a move action to fortify the umbrella sheath in the ground and prop open the umbrella. Whenever the escalation die is even, it imbues all targets (both players and monsters; [alter it if you want]) in the shade of the umbrella with a random elemental enchantment of a magic type (roll a d6, d10, d12 etc for what you want the effects to be)
    Quirk: People are constantly questioning your flamboyant fashion sense. You also have a habit of opening the umbrella indoors, which has led to you being stalked by bad luck. [GM interpretation/roleplaying here: maybe the bad luck is they have to reroll a die every so often, or they conjure a plague of Wibbles every 2 hours, etc.)

    Second route:
    Discuss with your player about creating a custom race that can enhance stuff as part of their racial ability. Just make sure to work with the other players so that the custom racial ability isn't too strong/weak in comparison to their own racial abilities.
  • Jar of Runes works to buff weapons already.
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