Pelgrane Con

I am thinking of holding a Pelgrane Convention.

My one would be in London, but ideally, I'd like people who play Pelgrane games to play on the same day round the world, either in their own groups, with others, or even online and I'd like to support these efforts somehow.

So, what do you think? What should we call it, what support would you like, and would you be interested in participating?


  • Sounds a good idea.

  • I like it!

    I suppose an official convention scenario or two woould be the most obvious support option...

    Though I guess that could result in a few of the games getting "left out" if they don't get an official adventure. And one adventure each for each gameline might be to much work. Unless there's a scenario writing contest before the con :P

    Perhaps some official scenario out-lines instead/as well. It could be interesting to see what different groups do when they flesh them out to full scenarios.
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