NPC Coven Leader

I'm running a campaign where my players are about to meet a coven dedicated to the Diabolist. This is my first time creating a customer monster/NPC. Please let me know what you think. I am open to better names for the attack but since the players won't see them I just used placeholders to tell me what it is.


Level 6 Holy One Diabolist
Initiative +8

R: Magic Bolt +9 vs. PD - 21 damage
Miss: If the escalation die is a 2+ and Magic Bolt misses Aethelberga cuts her hand and summons a Dretch as a quick action. Doing so caused 1d4 damage to her.

Wiggly Knife +7 vs AC - 17 damage
16+ Hit: Aethelberge and all her Dretches heal 5 HP.

Interrupt: Summon Dretch
Once per turn, when an enemy moves to engage Aethelberga she immediately summons a Dretch to intercept. Doing so causes her 1d4 damage.

Dretch Limit: Aethelberga can have no more than 3 Dretches in the fight at one time.

AC 20
PD 16
MD 22
HP 90


  • Whoah, copied and pasted this from reddit. Didn't realize the background and colours were kept from reddit.

    I originally posted this to reddit and received distressingly little replies. I've only been playing 13th Age since the Bundle of Holding and I'm getting the feeling that the popularity is contracting. Hopefully this isn't the case. I'm happy to still play the game anyway.
  • May you please provide a little more info about the scene? I've experiment with some custom monsters of my own, and happy to help out. Could you provide more on the following:

    - how many players do you expect for this encounter? (determines the scaling)
    - how many monsters are already slotted for the potential battle?
    - I'm assuming the hero party is level 6? If not, what are their levels?
    - are the Dretch being summoned as default level 3 mooks, or will they be beefed up?
    - the Dretch are mooks. Are you changing them to non-mooks for this encounter?
  • I'm not sure where she will end up. If things go badly enough the players may be fighting her, a bunch of her acolytes and a bulette.

    I've posted this on reddit and received much the same response, where people are focusing on how she'll match with my players. I'm more concerned with whether she's balanced as a 6th level monster.

    As for your question, there are three PCs, currently level 2. They may or may not be meeting her this level.

    Dretches will be run normally and as mooks. I want them to be a nuisance. I may change to a natural odd miss for the summoning trigger

    I'm expecting that they'll probably fight her and a bunch of low-level thugs.
  • As a level 6 monster, the stats look fine. Personally speaking, I would tweak Wiggly Knife to have a different effect than healing. For me, mooks can sometimes be a pain to track/manage because of their shared HP pool. Tracking their healing on top of that would be extra work.

    Maybe change it to "16+: Aethelberga heals 5 HP. On an 18+, Aethelberga heals 5 HP and all Dretchs currently summoned gain a +1 bonus to hit (only stacks 3 times, maybe?)". This kinda keeps them as disposable minion fodder, but provides a buff instead of healing. Just an idea to toy with.

    If the PC's do meet her at their 2nd level, and as a fight scene, it might be better to use stats for a level 2 double-strength monster instead. Or, have a fail-safe that triggers when she reaches a % of her HP, so that she leaves the combat scene for reinforcement minions to finish the fight on her behalf.
  • I've looked at double-strength 2nd or even 3rd level and honestly their stats aren't that different.
    Level 6 monster:

    Attack 11+
    Damage 21
    HP 90
    AC 22
    Double-Strength Level 3 Monster
    Attack 8+
    Damage 21
    HP 90
    AC 19

    Note, I swapped the AC of a level 6 creature with the high defense attribute of 20 for Aethelberga
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