Casters under-powered at even levels?

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My group is currently in an "off season" while we transition to 13th Age. I've been fielding questions from players who are building their characters out but since I've never run a 13th Age campaign aside from pregens I'm still learning.

One of my players was originally looking at the occultist from 13 True Ways, which fits his playstyle of quirky oddball problem solving. However, he recently decided he didn't like the fact that casters only get spell level ups at odd levels. He thought it made them underpowered on these levels and didn't like the idea of swinging between the extremes. Looking at the class progression I can't really argue with him, but I'm curious if there is something we are missing or that is more noticeable during actual play.


  • You're missing the Incremental Advances rules that lets you take an extra 3rd level spell after the first heal-up at 2nd level. And the Occultist can even recharge to a different 3rd level spell (Flexible Recharge).
  • Yea trust me casters are not at all weakened at even levels. They get at least one more spell at even levels. They get incremental advances like aresorli said. Besides casters are not exactly weak in this game.
  • Agreeing with Ursus here.  I've played a Chaos Mage and GMed for games including a Wizard, a Cleric, a Sorcerer, and a Chaos Mage, and I promise you that casters are not underpowered ever, whether their level is even or odd.

    Keep in mind that even in D&D casters dodn't get a new spell level every level (this OoTS comic is relevant:, but casters are generally not regarded as underpowered in D&D.  In 13th Age, at every level casters are always getting either higher level spells, more spells, or having spells "upgraded" to higher levels, so there is always some spell improvement every level.
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