Occultist Question(s) - Icon Channeler & Envoy

Hello, new to the Forums and I have a quick question, possibly more later.
One of my regular play-groups is starting up a 13th Age-based RPG and I'm looking at playing an Occultist (Absolutely fascinating class!).

Looking over the Talents, particularly the "Icon Channeler" which states the following;
You have three fewer relationship dice than normal (probably none at adventurer tier, one at champion tier, and
two at epic tier). Instead, when all the characters get to roll relationship dice, you get a 5 to apply to any icon you choose.

Question 1; Does this mean each time I get to roll I Pick an Icon and Roll 5 dice for that one? Or does it count as having rolled a 5?

Question 2; Does it always have to be the Same Icon or can you choose a different Icon Each time? Or are you stuck with the One until you can get a higher Tier version of the Talent?

Generically speaking the Talent is a tad confusingly worded and I'd appreciate some clarification.

Icon Envoy states;
Each time the characters roll relationship dice, declare which player will get at least a 5 with one of their icons before the rolls (as in “Rob with
the Prince”). The player rolls one of their dice for that icon before the others. That first roll counts as a 5 unless the player rolls 6.
Roll all other icon dice normally.

Question 1; can the "Player" Chosen be oneself?

Thanks for your time!


    1. You pick any icon and gain a 5 with that Icon.
    2. It can change from session to session.

    This guarantees you an Icon each session at the cost of possibly not gaining more than one each session.

    At higher tiers you still get to roll more icons along with your guanteed 5. So a 5 and one rolled Icon Die at Champion. A 5 and two rolled Icon Die at Epic. This is assuming you don't use any feats and I'm not completely wrong.

  • thanks, that answers the Icon Channeler Question...now about the Envoy...8)
  • PC 1 has Envoy.
    PC 2 is a fighter with three Icon Die: 1 Prince of Shadows. 1 Emperor. 1 Priestess.
    At the start of the session PC1 says that PC 2 will get a 5 with the Priestess.
    PC 2 rolls a die with the Priestess and rolls a 2. Because Envoy was used PC 2 has a 5 instead of a 2.
    PC 2 then rolls a die with the Prince of Shadows and the Emperor getting a 3 and a 6 respectively.
  • Question is, cna the Occultist Target Themselves with Icon Channeler?

    I know they can only have one or the other Talent, trying to decide which one to take. 
  • I would say yes but other GM's may read it differently.
  • Alrighty, that does helpme out. Thanks!
  • The Icon Envoy question: My answer would be no. This is based on the titles of the two Talents; if your Icon mojo goes inwards, you're a Channeler, if it goes outwards, you're an Envoy. So you have to choose. (Remember that with Envoy, you roll your Icon dice normally, so it's not like you lose anything.)
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