Station Duty: Inside Out

I just finished watching Inside Out yesterday and it gave me an idea for an Esoterrorists campaign, Esoterror cells use the subconscious fears of children that have moved to San Francisco to "free" their ODE's and the emotions act as a "mental defense" against Esoterror mind control (using the gumshoe mind control hack). Does anyone have some good suggestions for extending this into a full fleshed out Station Duty campaign?


  • Heres a subplot that i came up from the tv tropes summary of the movie with a few words changed to give it an esoterrorist "flavor". Two girls (Joy & Sadness) get lost in a pile of multicolored marbles (long-term memory after esoterror "influence") and try to take the train of thought back home. With the help of a homeless man (bing bing), they go through a torture chamber (abstract thought), hijack a movie studio with both good and bad acting (Dream Studios), and unleash a monster from prison to rescue there friend (the subconscious). It's actually meant to be a sad story that will change another girl's mind (the ending of inside out).
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