Holy Symbols

Dracula Dossier Game - playing in a light Mirror mode game

This is gonna come up sooner or later so I need to think about it. One of my players is playing a British-Indian who is not Christian but Hindu, he would best be described as a "Holiday Hindu" but since he found out Vampires are real he has also been putting Hindu religious items in the safe houses to fend off Vampires.

So I can think of a few options but trying to figure out what one works best.

A) Vampires are repelled or affected by whatever religion they are. So a Hindu vampire would be just fine crossing the Host, and playing with Communion Wine.

B) Only Christian stuff works, give my players character the added drama of having his character have a crisis of faith. Christian stuff works, which probably means the Christian god is real, but mine aren't.

C) The person wielding the holy items make it work. So my Hindu character couldn't use the Blood-of-Christ dart gun, because in his hands it's just wine.

Anybody done this in their games, what makes for the best story/RP opportunities?


  • I guess ultimately it depends on what sort of vampires you have, and why they are affected by holy symbols.  If it's purely psychological, and the vampires are aliens/mutants, then it's probably the sort of holy symbol of the religion the vampire grew up with.  If the vampires are damned or maybe supernatural, then it's probably only holy symbols relevant to the religion through which the vampire was damned, if that makes sense?
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