Dracula Dossier Session 3 - Help me Brain Storm

Here is the link to the Beginning of the Campaign

Players get to Exeter and start poking around, I make it a point to ask them how they get to Exeter. Players who took the train noticed that there were more people checking IDs and what not. Those who took cars had to take a strange route that added a few hours onto the drive, to avoid some police hot spots. Obviously there were people looking for them after the events in Hillingham house.

At Exeter they start poking around and don't find much at first until they start spending points. At city hall they find that the Grey family had a large land purchase in the city, that they had been slowly selling off over the last few years. The team then splits up, half going to the University archive which had more historical documents that survived the Blitz, and the other half heading out to the city to see what they could find.

The group that went into the city got in a fight by the Edom Legbreaker I mentioned in the previous post. I had it that they tracked the players by one characters car he insisted on driving, a restored 1963 Aston Martin DB5 (one of his quirks is he wants to be James Bond). I scored a extremely good hit on my player, doing 6 points of damage directly to his face. I told the team that the guy they were fighting appeared to be Royal Navy.

At University they found information about the law firm of Abbott and Harper which handled a lot of the Grey's land dealings in Exeter in the late 1890s. Jeffery Harper = Jonathon Harker. Arthur Abbott = Peter Hawkins. I told the players there is not a lot of information on Abbott which is suspicious (letting me have him be a spy if needed), but Harper had a full life with a wife and child. I then drop that Abbott had a country estate just outside of town that is owned by a company that just reeks of some sort of Shell Company.

At this point I figured they would go to the Abbott estate, but no the players got fascinated that Harper had kids and they started looking up information on the family line. Which lead to Lucy Blythe who is retired in Exeter. Since Dracula hasn't made a more direct appearance yet I decided she would be a minion, and is waiting to die to be reborn as a vampire. When they showed up they attempted to take a picture of her (which is there new standard practice after the Hillingham house incident) and found that all photo's they took of her (including Photo's of Photo's as they found a old family book) came out weird and fuzzy.  Points were spent and Lucy told them about how the Master visits her in her dreams, and that she would become one with him soon. When asked what the Masters name was, I gave the name Michael De Ville.

While this was going on, my problem player who is going through the annotations in the book like it will somehow solve the adventure, found out about the HMS Proserpine in the annotations and has gotten fascinated by that.

So yeah all the clues I was prepared to give them at Hawkins estate are now out the window because they have decided to watch Lucy Blythe until she dies, and figure out where that boat is. Which is where the session ended.


So here is where I'm at with my thinking. There was not a ton of action last session, so I think I need a big fight. I'm thinking Edom is aware that Lucy Blythe is vamping out. So when she kicks the bucket I want them to come recover her body after she rises for the first time, at which point they would probably take her to the HMS Proserpine. However the Satanic Cult also might be drawn to her. So I'm thinking a fun creepy cemetery fight between Edom soldiers, and nutty cultists who are working to help the Masters Child. During the course of next session I think the location of the HMS Proserpine will probably get revealed. But I need to make a point that not everything in that book really leads to something. So the only thing there besides some security will be Lucy Blythe if they get away with her.

Normally I'd like to give them more clues to drive them forward, but they already came to Exeter looking for "the Archive" that was mentioned, and now the same player has got the party on this boat from another random annotation. While looking up stuff in the book and going after it is a key, I think always rewarding it is sending the wrong message.

Besides it's not like the Proserpine is lacking any rewards. A secret government Black Site with cells designed to hold vampires confirms that the Government is up to something. Plus the super hacker poking around on the computers will probably give them the name Project Edom. But beyond that I'm not going to put anything there, now if they capture a Edom agent or a Cultist on the other hand, that I will reward with clues.


  • Maybe in the Prosperine if they hack into the computers there, I can reward them with videos of Edom's vampire reanimation experiments.

    Right now in my head-canon for this campaign the only way to kill a vampire for good is to immobilize them (Beheading, wood to the heart, over running water, whatever works) burn them, and then scatter the ashes in running water (like the ocean). If you don't do the scattering you can pour human blood on the remains and shake-n-bake yourself up a new vampire.

    So if they find videos of Edom having captured a vampire at some point, and burning them, only to sacrifice a person to make the vampire come back. Maybe it will set them on the right path that merely beheading a vamp isn't the best way to try and kill them. It's a clue, and it's information, but it doesn't take them anywhere new.
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