Fame within the OV?

Do you ever allow your players' characters to ever gather a small amount of fame or renown within the Ordo Veritatis?

When i first picked up the Esoterrorists way back when these forums where still attached to the Dying Earth website, some of my old players used to remark that for a group of people who were part of some major conspiracy, they sure as hell didn't "feel" like it.  

So I decided to endeavor to make the world a little more interactive - called up a friend who was running his own Esoterrorists game and decided that we'd "share the world" so to speak.

We were tackling different regions of the country and doing different themes, so we never really stepped on each other's internal lore so to speak.    And our players characters' got to communicate with each other via email whenever a helpful clue which pointed either to the East Coast or the West Coast was dropped in the other persons' game.

We never did anything like a crossover, but 2 of our players decided to have a rivalry between their characters since their time in the FBI academy.

And so occasionally when a major victory occurred against an Esoterror cell, the other group would hear about it....

That got me thinking.....

Whenever a major case is busted open or a major operation is pulled off within an law enforcement or intellgence agency, it usually enters into the collective history/lore of the group.   Sometimes those actions are inspirational to other agents or operatives..

I always wondered if the OV did such things.    

Like perhaps if (Insert Codename) was able to take down the Mouse in a bloody epic shootout, does that incident (and those that agent's Codename) get passed around in the OV circles?

Conversely - what about spectacular failures?


  • The OV stays behind the scenes in most games, but there's no reason it wouldn't work. I would allow PCs to spend experience on an OV Pool that works like most "positive" Interpersonal abilities. You could always award points or penalties depending on the outcome of an investigation. The only wrinkle is figuring out what happens if such a pool goes negative....

    Another option (suggested in Night's Black Agents) is to use Bureaucracy as a general ability to ask for favors in a PC's patron organization (although I would use the OV Pool for this too).
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