Alien/Racial Creation guide

Trying to create an Syfy setting.
Has anybody made (or is aware of) an alien creation guide?


  • Unfortunately, I'm not aware of one. There already is a sci-fi setting called Ashen Stars. You could buy the pdf and then change around the aliens to suit your needs.
  • Thx for the reply
    I have the Ashen Star books, and there is no extensive racial creation guide in it.
    I started experimenting with using the Mutant City Blues book for racial creation:
    There in is stated that you can create a human officer that has no mutant powers. He gets no mutant powers, but he gets an extra 9 build points to spend on general abilities. I rounded it up to 10, and did the math: 1 general skill point is equal to 4 points of mutant powers. 

  • An investigative power costs 1 point, and a General Power costs 4 points. You can play with these numbers by adding an advantage or disadvantage to that power (-/+25% point cost for each disadvantage/advantage). And I made some new powers up by using the power fomat in the book.  I use the following formula: 40 – (Sum of all powers)) / 4 = extra build points. The result of that calculation I called the Racial Modifier:

  • Examples for Star Trek:

    The Andorians come from
    a clan based society in which the dual of honor, the Ushaan, was introduced to
    end centuries of clan wars. Their ice bound home world has bred a hardy race
    who were instrumental in the founding of the Federation, despite a previously
    volatile relationship with the Vulcans.

    Racial Modifier: +5

    Redundant Circulation (Cold
    Immunity R4 = 16 pt):
    The Andorians have a twin-layered
    circulatory system protecting them against the cold.

    (Environmental Awareness R2 = 2 pt):
    The Andorian
    antennae serve to grant the members of this race a kind of “extra” sense.
    New power: Cold
    use the rule format of
    Radiation Immunity but for cold (made up some new extreme temperature rules that damage when exposed))

  • Caitans:
    The Caitians were a
    species of felinoids native to Cait, or as they called it Ferasa.
    Racial Modifier:  +6

    Claws (Natural Weapons R1 = 4 pt):
    You have claws, a
    leftover of your feline ancestors.

    Increased Hearing Sensitivity (Hearing R2 = 2 pt):
    A Caitian can  hear sounds outside the range of normal
    humanoids hearing. They can hear both ultrasonic, high-frequency sounds
    (including ultrasound emitters) and infrasonic, low-frequency noises.
    Keen Hearing (Environmental Awareness R2 = 2 pt): A Caitian
    have the keen senses of their hunting ancestors.

    Low Light Vision (Night Vision R2 = 8 pt):
    Caitians eyes can amplify

  • Human:
    One of the founders of the federations. Humans are spread over the vast universe.

    Racial Modifier:  +10


  • Trill:
    The Trill (or Trills) are a humanoid species native to the planet Trill. A small
    percentage of the Trill population co-existed with a sentient symbiotic
    organism known as a symbiont inside their bodies. The resulting joined Trills had personalities
    which were a synthesis of the two beings including the memories, and to some
    extent the personalities, of the previous hosts of the symbiont.
    Racial Modifier:   Varies (+7 for 1 previous host)


    (Joined Trill only, Symbiont Rating Varies ):
    character is joined with a symbiont, this combines the knowledge and traits of
    both personalities.
    New Power: Symbiont = For every 3 Ratings you have a previous host. The rating also describes
    how much you remember of those old lives. You can spend Symbiont points in any
    test (investigative or General) in which the memories of an old host are
    important, gaining 1 point points for every 3 Symbiont points spent. The
    character can make a 30 min meditation (Rite of Emergence) to increase double
    its effects, but he increases the spend for any interaction skill by 1.
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    Oh, I see. I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about "monsters" not new PC aliens. My apologies. These look pretty good. Perhaps they will create something like this if they make a general GUMSHOE system book. I'm sure this could apply to a lot of other settings besides Sci-fi.
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