An Esoterror Story and Idea blog

Hey folks, thought i might put this up just to get some ideas percolating. 

Enjoy! ;-)

The World Might be Breaking.....but the Cherry Pie tastes grand!

You are cordially invited to EsoterrorBrunch!, a quirky and satirical look at the world of the Esoterrorists and Unremitting Horror with a stack of flapjacks and huevos rancheros omelette on the side.

Told in story format, EsoterrorBrunch! explores the career of Ordo Veritatis agent Jeremiah Johnson he is forced to have breakfast again and again with a mysterious companion to discuss topics of maj-   of relative import.

The blog will touch on such topics as:

      What happens when Esoterrorists encounter Islamic Terrorism?
      Third Wave Feminism fights off PATRIARCHY in the Esoterror Movement

      Why the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea is arguably the most "Esoterror-free" nation on the planet.......

       When the Ordo Veritatis bumps up against those other normal government conspiracies - you know, the ones who want power

      The Private Bitter War...between Gemma Courtland's Esoterror and Ordo Veritatis Fan Clubs
      Fringe Science!, Philosophy, Religion....and a slice of Cherry Pie.
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