Far Away Shadow Walk

It seems this power is giving me lots of problems :)
My rogue player asked me the other day to use it from far away to start an ambush. Since there were no enemies 'nearby' I allowed him to 'start' a shadow walk maneuver. In his next turn he appeared 'nearby', that is, not engaged, and I told him to makr the roll then as a free action. He did it and moved, engaged and attacked enemy for double damage. Do you think this is a correct handling of it? My main concern is about the roll: I let him to make a free roll since the previous round he didn't do anything at all.


  • Rules as Written, you handled it wrong.  If no enemies were Nearby, the PC could not begin the Shadow Walk.  Would you allow the PC to throw a dagger at a Far Away target?  Rules as written, you should not, as small thrown objects like daggers can only be thrown at Nearby targets.  The range of Shadow Walk is no different.

    That being said, this is 13th Age, where improv and cool stunts are king.  Would I allow Shadow Walk to work the way you did?  Probably not, but if I did, I would make the PC spend an Icon benefit (probably from the Prince of Shadows), or make the PC roll a difficult skill check to sneak to Nearby range before the ambush starts, or make them give me a cool reason why I should make an exception, and even then I'd probably apply a to-hit penalty.  Similarly, would I allow a dagger to be thrown at a Far Away target?  Probably not, but if the PC was on a ledge high above the target so that gravity was helping, maybe I'd allow it at -4 to hit, or if an Icon benefit was spent (maybe the Elf Queen to borrow the legendary accuracy of the elves).

    As a GM, I'm normally a big stickler for the rules, which might seem odd given how much I love 13th Age.  But to my mind, you have to know exactly what the rules are so that you can decide, with input from your players, when it's cool enough to be worth breaking them, and what the price for that will be.
  • Mmm you have given me something to think about, Gothire. The idea of spending an icon benefit is really nice, didn't think of that (I am really old-school and still got troubles with this sort of mechanics). Thank you for the input! (I guess my player is not going to be so happy but...)
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