What is "a duet of improvisation"?

As per a Song of Destinies?


  • 5 with the Dwarf King.
    Rocks fall and everybody dies.
    But wait your not actually dead since everyone fell into an underwater cave.
    Everyone is in a freefall like Gandalf and the Balrog.
    So the bad guys keep hitting the rocks on the way down doing damage to them.(Which is good)
    But we have only 3 turns before everyone hits the ground and goes splat(which is bad)
  • At least I think that's how it would go.
  • That made no sense.  What does "5 with the Dwarf King...before everyone hits the ground and goes splat(which is bad)" even mean?
  • So, context:

    "The GM chooses an icon relevant to the situation; you choose the PC who will make an icon relationship check. That player makes the check and joins the GM in a duet of improvisation as to how the icon relationship roll has some impact on the current battle"

    So effectively, the chosen player and the GM work together to tell the improvised story of the result of the chosen player's character icon relationship check, and how it changes the course of the current battle.
  • So i meant to say the player rolls a 5 with the dwarf king. Which normally means something good happens: rocks keep hitting the bad guys. But there is a complication:everyone will go splat in a few turns if something isnt done soon.
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