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Hi folks,
I just started a new group NBA. They have never played Gumshoe before - nor did I. So I decided to introduce the Thriller Combat Rules step by step.

To do this I created some "action cards" to be laid out on the table. They aren't meant merely a cheat-sheet, but as inspiration what cool things could be done.
Like this one. They are in German, but I think the idea should be clear.

Has anybody done this before? Is the idea usable?



  • I think it's a great idea!  I haven't seen such a thing for NBA although I imagine it is close to spell cards and power cards (or whatever they might have been called in D&D 4th )
    If each player has a complete deck, or at least a deck with all of their character's cherries and thriller maneuvers, I could see the cards being very useful for combats.  
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    I intention was more on laying them on the table, but a set for each player would work fine as well.

    The cards are the size of Magic-cards, so you could use normal card-sleeves.

    The first 16 cards are ready and I´m working on the few missing. Think they could easily be translated in English because most fixed gameterms are not translated as you can see.

  • Yikes...need to brush up on my German!  Actually, having the cards in German at an NBA session just seems so right!
  • I could give you the GIMP-files. :D

    even if I like to hear americans speaking german.
    (Always remembering Kevin Bacon as German in X-Men: First Class :D I needed the subtitles to understand what he was saying....)

    Maybe it would be interessing for the resources page.

  • I've put the thriller moves on the outside of a customizable screen.
  • Cat just gave his okay for the german action cards, so I started to translate them :)
    I think they´ll need come proofreading ;)


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    Could someone do the proofreading for the last four pages?

  • I love these cards and intend to use the English versions with my new players. Thank you!!!
  • I was inspired by these action cards and made a similar set for Thriller Chases. They are a bit barebones, but serve on the table.

    I might as well share them here:
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