Need gnome illusionist build

I'm desperate to find an Illusionist build for a game that starts tomorrow.  I'm not happy with the gnome illusionist built as a Bard elsewhere because I feel that Vance's Polysyllabic Vocalizations, Cantrip Mastery, and Ritual Magic are all essential.  However, there aren't enough Wizard illusions to support a Wizard build.  Occultist is interesting, but just doesn't work.  So, I need ideas ASAP to build a gnome illusionist.  Thanks.


  • Keep those talents you mentioned. Take high arcana. Take a utility spell. Take the feat to get two utility spells for one spell slot. You now have 4 utility spells.
    Now be creative and use your rituals as illusions. These wil expand once you can use third level spells as cantrip rituals.
    This part is optional but take mostly spells that targes MD but reflavor them to fit Illusions. Maybe a PD spell or two in order to show that "the world is an illusion". With enough feats you will have 6 utility spells that you can throw around for cantrip rituals.
  • Use your One Unique Thing to be an illusionist.  Work with your GM to make stuff up from there...
  • So, there's an awful lot of "throw something together an hope for the best".  Even though I'm confident that my GM will work with me, "throw something together and hope for the best" is usually a recipe for disaster.
    Utility spells, by definition, aren't combat spells.  Though I'm going to work on putting together a version of utility spell which focuses on illusions, I'm not convinced of dumping a lot of feats into it.
    Rituals as illusions are a great idea (besides being non-combat), but need more guidance.  What can be expected from them?
    In short, how do I throw together a balanced, combat-ready, power set?

    "Use your One Unique Thing to be an illusionist."  Already doing that.  My one unique thing is that I'm the sole surviving descendent of a gnome alleged to b the Prince of Shadows of the 12th Age.  This particular icon was more focused on being a cultural hero for gnomes and was a trickster rather than an assassin (alignment-wise, he was in the Chaotic Good upper right corner).  The current Prince of Shadows may have assassinated him.  I found my ancestor's spell book which is full of incredibly rare, incredibly culturally significant (for gnomes) spells and has enabled me to be the first illusionist in an age.
  • Rituals can be whatever that makes sense as long as you and the dm agree on them (and you roll well). I don't see why you can't use them as rituals that have an illusion bent. "Well we need to keep the guard busy for long enough to loot the place. I cast hold portal as I make a beautiful woman appear that distracts the guard by talking about the physics of the metaplanes."
    As for powers: Use the 4th edition method of reflavoring your powers.
    Magic Missile:Phantasmal Assualt - You target reels as it takes an explosion of sights, sounds, and emotion in its mind.
    Blur: Duplication - Your target gains a twin that copies every move made. Most of the time your enemies can see through the illusion is standing in a table or through a wall. But sometimes they can't remember which one is the real target and misses completely.
    Color Spray: Color Spray - I mean it's color spray.
    Force Salvo: Pinball Wizard - Your enemies run for cover as a giant pinball comes after them (call them Indy for a few seconds) while most of the landscape disappears. You must lead them into knocking themselves out by running into walls, ledges,  or objects that can cause major bodliy harm such as swords or chainsaws.. By the end most of your enemies should have concussions if your smart or dead if your really smart.

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