GMS - What Vampire Builds do you use?

Hey Directors,

Do you use one type of vampire or a spread of them? 
If it's one type what did you go with?

Originally I wanted to lean towards the traditional, linea dracula type. Now i'm toying with a weird inter-dimensional, weird-science, phasing-in-and-out type of creature (still working on the visual). I'm also terrible at thinking up monster stats, because I'm scared i'll overdo or underdo the potency. I'm not big on TPK. How did you fare?  


  • I'm gearing up to run a Dracula Dossier campaign this year, and I'm going to go with the Telluric build presented in the Directors Handbook. 

    When I come up with my own builds I like to ensure that I have enough wiggle room with the concept to scale the vampires, as with the Linea Dracula build, that way I can throw a couple of light challenges at the players to get a sense for what the overall build is like, and then scale up for later encounters. The Harker Intrusion in Dracula Dossier's EDOM Files has a good example of using a weakened vampires as a first encounter for the players that I like for this.

    Otherwise, I recall Garath Ryder-Harrahan saying on a forum somewhere (maybe the Google+ Dracula Dossier GMs group?) that he ballparks 5 points of health per round of combat he wants them to survive (not taking armour into account), and under 10 points of Aberrance is weak on the powers, above is serious (which matches with players general pools too).

    Another trick, this time from Kenneth Hite, is to take an obscenely powerful vampire (such as Dracula), and have a scene early on in the game that has the players experience indirectly just how powerful it is, killing a bunch of NPCs that have already been established as bad ass, and having the players attacks basically bounce off it. I can't remember specifically where it was. Maybe during a Tome Show, Plot Points, or Role Playing Public Radio interview?

    Regarding how many types of vampires? I'd probably tend toward just one concept with some variants for power in that type per campaign. I don't tend to run long enough games to want to introduce a second vampire type. I leave that for the other supernatural threats.

  • I like the 5 health / round and an average of 10-20 Aberrance guideline. I'll work with that. 

    I'm toying with a three tiered power structure. A handful of physically weak, but awesomely powered vampires at the top, a dozen or so mid level 'elevated human' (beyond a renfield, more like Linea Dracula level) who are the the physical agents of the above and a small menagerie of weak renfields mostly there for special effects when needed or to pass on clues.
    Will post it up once it feels close to done. 

    Cheers for the advice. 

  • @abrimmer: I wrote up one of my first takes on building my own vampires several years ago using the [redacted] version of the rules. I've not yet tried them out but the stats are on the light side in the ball park of some of the book examples:
  • Very interesting brehaut. Food for thought!
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