Connecting (S)entries and ZQ

[Players look away, there may be spoilers]

Fellow ZQ GMs, I wonder how you connected (S)entries and the ZQ plot? I'm about to embark on both and I like how (S) opens the door to vampires, but I  find the connection to ZQ via the LenDos a little dull as a segway. How did your (S) get resolved and how did you open ZQ?

Thanks for any stories and advice. 


  • I've built a big gap between the two, rather than seque directly into ZQ. it strikes me as an adventure series for the middle-to-late part of the campaign, when the players have figured the game out enough that they can handle it.
  • I'm actually at the point now where I'm going to have to bridge the gap between (S)Entries and ZQ.  Here's what I was planning on doing:

    The paymaster is in the Nasa Stvar and stealing the laptop is his way of getting in with the Liskey Bratva.  He keeps his cash in the Black Sea bank as a show of good faith (and it's reliable for questionable money sources).  Tracking this leads to the Boxmen.

    Since Rudek is already captured in Beirut at the end of (S)Entries, I am planning on using Overwatch as the group that kidnapped him.  That points nicely to the beggining of Treason in Blood

    Anton was blackmailing the conspiracy for immortality - this was an easy choice for me since my vampires were more parasites than occult.  He was actually blackmailing Dorjiev since he's the only one who has decidedly cheated death.  Following up leads them to The Zalzhiny Sanction.

    Finally, since there's only one other scenario left, I figure Lennart got all of leads from information he was secretly given by Arkedy Shevlenko - his name is all over the files on the laptop.  That sends the PC's right into Out of the House of Ashes.    

  • I offered my players leads very similar to your first, and exactly the same as your last. They headed to Vienna to meet Shevlenko, and it all blossomed from there.
  • Though on reflection, I might have preferred to put the Zalozniy Sanction first, so that third is a good lead, if you can pull it off.
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