Ranged spells clarification

do Ranged spells draw opportunity attacks from enemies targeted by the spell, or not? What spells draw opportunity attacks even from enemies targeted? As far as I can see, spells are either Ranged or Close-quarters, but the text seems to imply otherwise? There seems to be a contradiction in these definition.


Ranged Attacks

Any ranged attack (weapon, spell, power, ability, or whatever) draws opportunity attacks from enemies engaged with you that you don't target with the attack.

Spell Attacks

Most spells draw opportunity attacks from enemies engaged with you, even the enemies you target with the spell. Close-quarters spells are the exception; they don't draw opportunity attacks.


  • ...huh

    I've always run it as though casting a ranged spell at someone you're engaged with attracts an opportunity attack.  Seems to make more sense to me that way.
  • A more careful read actually shows that the second paragraph is a specification for what happens in particular with spells when one targets an engaged enemy. It took me some time to make sense of the two paragraphs (also thanks to the help of some people on the Google+ 13th Age community.)

  • So what's the outcome, then?
  • Spells draw oppurtunity attacks all the time. Ranged attacks(non-spell) draw oppurtunity attacks only if you do not target a person engaged with you.
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    All ranged attacks should work the same way.  There's obviously an inconsistency in the rules.  I think all ranged attacks should provoke AO regardless of what they are - bow or magic missile what's the difference?

    BTW the Ranger has a lot of abilities to get out of being engaged and fire a bow so ...
  • The creators have clarified that this is their intention.
    I guess casting a spell traditionally have time consuming aspects.
    Mechanically spellcasters always have the options to use Close instead of Ranged spells. This balances some spells out.
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