Effects of EMP weapons on Telluric build Vampires

Early in my campaign, my players hit upon the concept of EMP weapons vs my Telluric vampires, and set about googling how to make one. They found a receipe that uses flash guns and Pringles tubes, applied a decent spend on their improvised weapons lab, and I rewarded their ingenuity with during their first proper encounter with Qunicy Morris, my big-bad, fudging they EMP result, to slow him down/weaken him enough to allow them to get a couple of good hits on the Vamp before he made a dramatic escape. They've not encountered many actual Vamps since, but tonight looks to be the capstone event, and I know they'll be wanting to pull out the EMPs again. I even bought Double Tap but while that gives a nice summary of real-world EMP devices, it offers no mechanical solutions for using them in-game.

Has anyone else come up with anything?


  • Sorry I forgot to say what my own fudge was: I had it simply prevent them from using Vampiric powers for a number of rounds which I determined. I'm thinking in future of making that 1d6 rounds in future, and maybe also making the vampire HURT (which I described in play, but didn't do mechanically) for the same duration.
  • This seems a bit overpowered for something as simple as this improvisational weapon. I might allow to be used on low level vamps but it wouldn't affect an elder vampire at all. I think they'd need an actual military grade EMP weapon for that. I definitely don't think you'd want to reduce him health with it. I think having him lose his powers briefly is alright but 1d3 rounds seems more acceptable as the Agents might hit him more than once in a combat. Tell us more about this Quincy Morris guy. How old is he? Where is he in the conspyramid?

    Also, I know what a telluric vampire is and I remember Ken talking about it somewhere but I can't actually find that term in the book. Do you know where I can find that or did you made the details yourself?
  • 1d3 rounds might indeed be better. And I agree that it shouldn't reduce health, but was wondering if for x rounds it might have the same effect as "Hurt"

    My Quincy Morris is the true identity of Simon Thorandel out of Zalozhny Quartet, he's the big bad in this campaign but two generations down the ranks from Dracula.

    Telluric Vampires are an option in the Dracula Dossier.
  • Ah, that's the one place I didn't look. After quickly scanning through, I would continue with the loss of abilities. A justification is the Sunlight section under Banes. When the bacteria cannot draw on telluric currents, the vampire losses his abilities. You could say that the small EMP burst from their improvised weapon disrupts this currents briefly but they eventually re-establish themselves. 

    I'd add the effect of being hurt if you are going for a pulpy feel. If you're going the more traditional, desperate horror feel then I'd just stick with the loss of abilities. However, don't forget that he knows about this weapon now. He has the Electrical Distortion ability. I'd have him attempt to disrupt the improvised device as soon as it's visible. That'll teach your Agents not to rely on a single solution.

    Based on the reading of some of the other Banes and the level of Quincy, I'd probably have a military grade EMP kill him instantly. Good luck with the capstone.
  • I mean, you could equally say that an EMP super-charges the bacteria...
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