Agents of the Icons

Hello, just recently got into 13th Age, and I'm working on prep for an upcoming game involving the Stone Thief. There may be some spoilers for thst adventure as this discussion goes.

I'm looking to start the campaign at first, with the PCs delivering a package to a mountain top monastery. In the package, unbeknownst to the PCs, is one of the Eyes. The monks are secretly members of the Cult of the Devourer..which neither the PCs nor their employer knows.

After the PCs drop off the Eye (which they'll see but not know what it is) they stay the night at the monastery due to bad weather. When they wake up they find the monks have been killed. Now, they either wake up in the middle of the night and see the end of the killing, or they find evidence in the morning...that part isn't relevant.

What is, is who did the killing. I want it to be agents of one of the more benevolent Icons, agents who knew the monks were Cult members. Here's what I have so far, but as you'll see I have some with no idea...

Dwarf King- a gnomish illusionist and possibly some dwarf ranger types.

Elf Queen- a group of drow assassins.

Archmage- a wizard/burglar and his haemonculi pets.

Emperor- a dragon rider.

GG Wyrm- no idea.

Priestess- no idea.

High Druid- no idea beyond a sentient animal...maybe foreshadow Beebane?

Any suggestions, even if it's for an icon I already have something posted, will be greatly appreciated.


  • Emperor- a silver dragon that was undercover within the monastery's ranks (they have transformation magic / polymorph self to make themselves look like humans and elves)

    GG Wyrm- a wandering [insert class here] from the Order of the Gold had been sent to the monastery by the GGW. This wanderer could have been staying there for a single season to gain the monastery's trust and strike at the right moment (the GGW's clairvoyance couldn't get a precise date outside of a season, hence the long wait)

    Priestess- the Priestess had a prophesy about the Stone Theif and its eyes. She asked one of her more "loosely-defined" (i.e. not entirely against killing and slaughter, etc.) gods/goddesses of Light to handle the situation for her and send out an disicple of said Light deity to take care of it. I highly suggest looking at some ideas from the Level 2 Organized Play Campaign "Quest in the Cathedral" for some ideas here. The wrestling nuns of Vishmilla, the priests of Hayot, and Father Flambo of the Brothers of the Flame Eternal are some great holy people that would be already stat'ed up for you (just adjust stats to level needed)

    High Druid- a werebear or other werebeast could work well here. Your party could be looking for an animal the entire time, but in reality they should be looking for a humanoid. Reference above "Quest in the Cathedral" and look up "bear-monks of Cathol" for some stats that would already be done for you
  • Awesome suggestions, thanks!

    I'll see if I can't get a hold of Quest in the Cathedral. Been meaning to pick up a couple more adventures to see how 13th Age structures, like you said, stats :)
  • The link to sign up to get Season One of the Organized Play adventures (of which "Quest in the Cathedral" is one) is here:

    Other suggestions for agents:

    Great Gold Wyrm: Many paladins serve the Wyrm, and I think a paladin could easily talk his way into a monastery... then turn on them and execute them all once he realizes they're an evil cult.

    High Druid: In addition to animals, think plants.  Many monasteries have gardens that they tend.  Perhaps the High Druid made the garden a little more lively... and deadly.

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