Questions about unconsciousness

Hi folks,

Couple of questions came up in my session yesterday, all about what happens to people who're unconscious due to being at 0 or fewer HP.

Firstly, what happens to any conditions you're suffering?  Do they go away when you fall unconscious?  Or do they stay and you roll saves against them at the same time as your death saves?  Or something else.  This is particularly important when it comes to ongoing damage.

Secondly, if someone uses an area-effect power like the Necromancer's Circle of Death (which affects "each nearby creature (ally and enemy)"), does this target unconscious creatures as well as conscious ones?  Given that the spell has the possibility to do damage to allies who might be bleeding out at the time, it seems important to get this right by the book.



  • I believe that RAW conditions persist. For some such as Stun and confuse this may not matter that much but ongoing damage or vulnerable could. There is some debate on this. My GM rules it that conditions go away while unconscious so you don't bleed out because our group honestly isn't that powerful. I rule it that you do so that the tension is higher since it happens rarely enough.

    I believe they affect allies who are unconscious also though it might depend on the specific power.
  • That helps a lot, thank you.  Up to now we've been playing that conditions go away on unconsciousness, but now my party are 3rd level I suspect they can handle it a bit better (except the necromancer, to be fair).
  • It's just one of those things the goup has to deal with. If you have a dedicated character that can handle conditions then he has his hands full. If not then the group either needs to be creative with how they handle it or just focus on keep each other healthy and conscious.
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