Double Melee Attack question

Hi there,

One of the players in my group has just changed characters, and is now playing a Ranger with the Double Melee Attack talent.  She's taken the Adventurer Feat, meaning that she gets a +2 attack bonus if the second attack is against a different target.

Assuming the first attack doesn't down the original target, how does this work?  Can she only choose a different target if she's already engaged with multiple enemies?  Can she use a move action to engage a second target - if so, does she need to successfully disengage, or risk opportunity attacks?  Can she, within the rules, engage a second target while still engaged with the first?


  • She needs to be engaged with two enemies for it to work normally. She attacks the first target normally then targets the second target with a +2. The epic feat lets you attack then move then do the second attack with the +2 bonus.
  • Awesome, thank you!  That's how we've been playing it, so it's good to know we've got it right.
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