Bookhounds Dracula Dossier Artifacts (minor, major, or fraud)

So does anyone have a list of artifacts for the dossier? I have both books but need some help categorizing the artifact at the right level of authenticity because i'm doing a bookstore + museum type store in my setting framework.


  • The Director's Handbook has all of these objects described in pages 262-286, under the heading, "Objects":
    Aytown's Photographic Studies 262
    Cameos of Dracula 263
    Cryptic Lockbox 264
    Earth-Disturbance Urn 265
    Earthquake Device 266
    Elizabeth Báthory's Journal 267
    Golem Parchment 268
    The Harker Rosary 268
    Jasper Harker's Daybook 269
    Jeweled Dagger 270
    John Dee's Journal 270
    Kate Reed's Diary 271
    Knife Set 272
    Le Dragon Noir 273
    Makt Myrkranna Correspondence 275
    Portrait of Dracula 275
    Radu 276
    Renfield’s Journal 277
    Sealed Coffin 278
    Spirit Board 279
    Stoker's Notes 280
    Tepes Tapestries 280
    Vampire Hunting Kit 281
    Vanderpool Garlic 283
    Vial of Blood 284
    Westenra Brooch 284
    The Zohar of Moses de León 285

    Each description has a reference back to Dracula Unredacted.

    Is that what you were looking for?
  • i'm looking for an index of the pages where the artifacts are mentioned as part of the framework like this one on hand of glory "The Minor Artifact version fits right into the skeevy world of Bookhounds of London, for instance". i'm looking for page numbers where the book references the objects as part of a framework so that i don't need to keep jumping between pages.
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    Look at the sub-indices at the back of the book. I think this has everything you are looking for. There is a Book section and a Magic and the Occult section that should cover everything you need.
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