Subscribing to discussions is broken

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When I click on the left navigation to subscribe to a discussion, the link style changes to show some animated lights, but then nothing happens. If I leave the page and come back, I'm not subscribed. This is a handy feature, so I hope you will take a look and get it working again shortly. I'm on Firefox 16.0.2, in case that's useful information.


  • I've tried IE 9 and Chrome v22.0.1229.94 as well, and notifications aren't working in those browsers, either.
  • We had to restore the forum to fix another bug. I'll talk to the webmaster.
  • Posted By: SimonWe had to restore the forum to fix another bug. I'll talk to the webmaster.
    Thanks, Simon!
  • "Mark all as read" is gone to.
    Maybe that was the bug... :P
  • Simon, any update on this?
  • Could we please get the status of this fix? Thank you.
  • We fixed it. It broke the forum. I've contacted the webmaster to see if we can do anything.
  • Sorry to hear that it's being difficult. Thanks for having the webmaster look into it.
  • This appears to be working again. I started receiving email notifications this morning, and am able to subscribe/unsubscribe to discussions and categories. Thanks!
  • Yes, this is working for me as well. I have one nitpick though. The e-mail says to click here to view the comment, but the link takes you to the first post in the discussion and not the comment in question. Still, it's at least nice to be getting the notifications now. That's a lot better than trolling the forums and hitting refresh every once in a while to see if anybody has answered.
  • I believe the last server upgrade broke subscriptions. I no longer receive emails, nor can I subscribe to a category/discussion (the 3 dots appear to the left of the link, but they just flash continually -- they used to appear for a moment and then the link text would change to indicate that I'm subscribed).
  • Is this ever going to get fixed?
  • Posted By: tomjscottIs this ever going to get fixed?
    I started receiving emails from the forum within the last couple of days. I haven't verified that it's working in all cases, but I hadn't been receiving email at all for ages, so we may be good to go. If I notice that certain subscriptions aren't working, I'll mention it here, and perhaps others could do the same.

    Unfortunately, it appears that the RSS feed broke around the same time.... I'll mention that in another thread.
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