Silly Quesstion - Arcane/Divine

Was skimming through the 13th Age rulebook again and got to magic items that give bonuses for Arcane/Divine Attacks/Spells. However, I'm not finding a reference to what is considered Arcane/Divine attacks and spells.

Am I just missing this?


  • Generally, though of course, discussion can be mentioned on it for some... druids, clerics, paladins have divine, while everything else is arcane. It's flexible, especially in some cases. 
  •, in general, attacks other than basic weapon attacks from appropriate classes are considered arcane/divine.

    Do you think this was intentionally left vague or was an oversight? Just curious.
  • Mostly I think it's kinda expected someone playing knows it, as this is a love-letter game to D&D so someone probably knows those conventions (So oversight).
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