Dexterity-focused cleric?

I like clerics who are less fightery and more roguish. On one hand, 13th Age is great for this, because I can make "cat burglar in Shadow Port" a background and get all the sneaking and lock-picking stuff I need. Sure, I don't get all the bonuses a rogue gets, but that is only fair, and using the Trickery Domain gets me some of the same benefits. On the other hand, there's no way to substitute Dexterity for Strength on Melee attacks like you could in mainline D&D with Weapon Finesse.

If I were to make a way for a cleric to use Dex for Melee attacks, how would you suggest going about it?

Option 1: Adventurer Feat on Trickery Domain

Pro: Easy and good. Spend a feat, use Dex instead of Strength for melee attacks.

Con: Feels too good. Spend a feat, and your cleric can dump Strength forever.

I vote No on this.

Option 2: Shadow/Thievery Domain

Build a domain with rogue stuff, like:

Benefit: You use Dexterity instead of Strength on melee attacks, and you gain the Rogue trap-sense class ability. Both of these abilities only function while you are NOT wearing heavy armor or using a shield.

Invocation: For the duration of this battle, you can perform sneak attacks like a rogue of the same level (without the improved sneak attack talent).

Adv: You gain a single Rogue Power of your level or lower. Attacking with this power is not considered a basic attack. You may take feats to improve the power as normal.
Champ: Once per battle, you may use the Rogue Shadow Walk ability, substituting your Wisdom for Charisma if you wish.
Epic: You gain a second Rogue Power.

Pro: Forces players to sink a talent and forego heavy armor, and gets a lot of the rogue hybrid across.

Con: Still don't know if this is too good. Clearly more complex.



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    I don't think either of those are in line with existing domains. Dumping Strength for Dex as a Wisdom centric class gets you enough bonus AC that you won't miss heavy armor. I get that you're essentially borrowing Combat Maneuver from Commander, but Commanders are a skilled warrior class, that's one of the strongest talents they have, and Rogue powers have potentially more DPR than Fighters (although... momentum?). It shouldn't be imported lightly into a spellcasting class.

    Have you thought about Monk/Cleric? Works within existing rules.

    Even with MC weapon die penalties, Monk attacks + Flurry are almost as good as Ranger Double Weapon attacks prior to considering the special effects of the forms (at adventure tier you tend to tie Ranger Double weapon damage around t5, exceeding it afterwards). Then you get to attack with Dex/Wis, have key modifiers for a pimped out AC, get to use great quick action spells while punching faces, and get a whole additional +2 to toss into the stat of your choice.
  • I dunno. Nothing in there ups your damage to d8, so your DPR is still "rogue but worse".

    And multiclass-wise, I'd just go Rogue/Cleric if I were going to go that way. That's rules-legal and gets me everything I want, plus more, but at the cost of one level of lag. Roleplaying, it gets me "Shadow-Cleric" perfectly. I just wanted to kick around the idea of whether the equivalent of the Bard Mythkenner/Loremaster talents were overpowered for the Cleric.
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    Flurry is a separate quick action attack for d4/level + str mod (so still somewhat strength dependent for ideal damage) and further offers the ki option for another attack vs. a different enemy. When looking at form benefits, adventurer tier style Claws of the Panther's Flow offers modest damage against all engaged enemies while the same form's finish can attack more than one enemy at once. This is quite different and more distributed than rogue, but not necessarily worse, especially if the rogue was MC/Cleric and dropped both SA damage level and weapon die type. The Monk hybrid will also have better AC due to form bonuses.

    Mythkenner and Loremaster are interesting parallels. If you stuck closer to those I think it would be fine from a balance perspective - that is, your choice of two from a. sub Dex out for attack but not damage in melee, b. get an icon relationship point with the Prince of Shadows or Dwarf King, or c. +2 skill points in thief-y skills. Invocation of 1 use of Improved Sneak Attack would seem fair.
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