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Hi folks!

I'm new to the forums and was wondering if there are other locations on the 'net where there are discussions about my new favorite game. I'm a recent 5e convert to 13th Age and while I can find lots of forums and "stuff" about 5e, I seem to be having some trouble finding information and discussions about 13th Age.

If this is the place, then awesome! If not, could someone provide some information to where these types of discussions occur?

Thanks, and happy gaming!


  • I've seen some on RPGnet, but this seems to be the main community. Honestly, it's not huge, since I think the game assumes that you're a mature and competent adult, and there's a lot less of the adversarial attitude that informs other RPGs. :)
  • Hmm, that likely came out wrong. What I meant was that it is a game that has fewer threads ranting about player behavior because it's designed that way. :)
  • try the g+ community. it's the most active community in my opinion.
  • Besides this forum and the Google+ community, the SomethingAwful thread is also very active.
  • Thanks for the replies.

    I think that my initial question may have been misstated. My question should have been, "What are some locations that are good for resources with 13th Age, other than this site?" I'm actually a 5e forum refugee so I would prefer not to have adversarial discussions (and this system does seem to hit the mark exactly).

    Thanks again!
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