Progression table mistake?

Hi people!
I was discurssing with my group about the monk class in 13 ways and we got a doubt about the progression table.
Around lvl 6, the monk get 3 adventure forms and 1 champion. However, at lvl 7, he gets 2 adventure forms and 2 champion forms. Is it really correct to lose one adventure form?
I think it is, but, since one of my friends believes the table is wrong i came here to get certainty about it.


  • It happens in every spellcaster progression - higher level options replace lower level ones more frequently than the overall number grows.
  • I would say yes you lose your lower level form. The trade off is that you get better forms since they are champion tier. Granted some people would rather have the 3 forms from adventurer tier. I would just allow it as a gm if a player really wanted to have 3 adventurer and 1 champion past 7th level.

  • Thanks!
  • In all other cases, when you "lose" a low-level spell or low-tier talent while gaining a higher-level/tier one, you can always stick with the old ability of you would prefer. (A ninth level wizard could have almost all 1st-level spells, for example. A barbarian who hits 5th level could get an adventurer or champion talent.)

    It seems entirely reasonable to me that a player who wants to spend a champion-form slot on an adventurer form be allowed to do so.
  • Oh, definitely. I was just saying you don't get an extra champion form AND keep the adventurer.

    Now, what adventurer form you'd rather keep instead of having a champion level form is another question, because when you use, say, a 9th level wizard slot to learn Magic Missile you're getting a 9th level upgraded version of MM, while Monk forms scale only by tier. But that's your call, if you want to do it and take the decreased power for flavor reasons.
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