Best published adventures for one-shots

What are the best Trail of Cthulhu adventures to run for one session? It's going to be about 4 hours tops.



  • I ran Castle Bravo at SimCon in Rochester, NY a few years ago.  It took some prep time: I made a large version of the ship map and some player quick-start rules.  The PCs split up constantly, so I kept doing fast jump-cuts between them, increasing the pace toward the climax.  It was incredibly fun.
  • I also liked Castle Bravo--and I'm not just saying that because my brother wrote it and ran it!  I think it definitely requires a firm grasp of the material, although I have never ran it.  But I had a great time, too, with Sisters of Sorrow, an adventure set in a WWI German submarine.  I think the Great War adventures are perfect for one shots.  The players (I assume) have at least a passing familiarity with the First World War in terms of trench warfare, the arrival of tanks and aircraft to the battlefield, the horrors of gas attacks, etc--the tone and feel is set right in.  That means time at the table can be devoted to _play_, rather than background or exposition.  Plus, there are common war movie tropes about characters--the incompetent officer, the coward, the plucky hometown kid, etc., meaning players can decide their character's "role" quickly. The war adventures are great to re-create the arc that characters traditionally go through in war movies--rivalries at first, learning to work together, loss of innocence, sacrifice from the least likely, etc... 
    I'll make a plug for another of Bill's adventures, The Big Hoodoo, an adventure set in 1950s California where the pre-gens include Phillip K. Dick and Robert Heinlein.  Cthulhu players seem to dig playing classic science fiction writers in their early years.  Go figure!
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