Some Monk questions what have been troublin' me

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I've been thinking about some of the potential of Monk multiclassing, which I initially rejected out of hand but am now interested in finding some useful edge cases for. That's got me thinkin' about how little I've really thought about the class overall, and perhaps others can steer me straight.

If you missed Drunken Style, here:

- Disciple of the Hidden Flame: I assume that the acquired spell still also has its normal usage limitation (daily, battle, recharge, etc.) or else it's bonkers powerful, but the text doesn't actually say it does, instead simply that it can be used in place of your flow or finisher move.
- Disciple of the Hidden Flame: how much is "in place of" equivalent to using your flow or finisher? Do you get the AC bonus for the appropriate move?
- MC Greeting Fist: Should you be a level behind your character level for Greeting Fist? It's not a spell, it's a talent, and I don't know how these linger. We've always run that Animal Companion and Skeletal Minion aren't a level behind (else Skeletal Minion would have a level 0 stat line), how is Greeting Fist the same or different?
- MC Drunken Style: How do people parse the interaction between Drunken Style and multiclassing? I'm going to assume that the requirement to use an opening style on round 0 doesn't override your ability to choose an attack form from your non-monk class, but how would you parse the "when you want to use an element" vs. "at the start of your turn"? It would be much better for MCing if you checked what was available to you every round at the start of your turn then decided whether to use Monk or your other class's attacks vs. only checking once you decided to go Monk, the writing is not clear.
- Weirdo general MC question: What do you think they mean that you have the "attacks" of a character a level below you as noted on p 104?
- Would Cleric's Hammer of Faith do anything at all for Monk attacks? It says it effects melee basic attacks and monk attacks aren't that.


  • Also, do we think using Diamond Focus save bonus on a recharge spell counts as a power crossover?
  • Recharges are not "saves" in that regard and save bonuses shouldn't apply to recharge rolls anyway. It would be pretty broken if it did. 
  • P 173 of core rule book says they are, and neither Diamond Focus nor PURE add further limitations.
  • You can make the same argument the other way around. The _mechanic_ is used for both recharge and to get rid of conditions, but everywhere else the book mentions "roll a X save".

    p170 describes Recharge powers and does not mention the "save" word anywhere.  Recharge is described on many pages as "roll d20" not save. 

    Barbarian rage is recharge with Con as bonus.

    Bards have songs to sustain and the Songmaster talent (p 87) also gives +1 to +3 "bonus to sustain the song".

    The only argument for recharge being "a save" is the mention of the save mechanic. It is a matter of style and it can be interpreted either way. 

    But either way, it would be a power crossover. And I am not counting it as saves getting save bonus. 

    The monk is already a slightly overpowered class with inflated statbonus and better version of most things a Fighter has already so there are more reasons not to be too liberal with what counts as a save.  Save mechanic (used for recharge) does not automatically mean it is a save.  Things that are saves (conditions, death saves, saves to take half damage every time as monk, etc) are often labeled as such while recharge doesn't have that label.

    But that is just my two coppers. I don't want monks to be Force Salvo v2 :)
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