Toy Gumshoe vs Robin D Laws announced *new* Gumshoe 1-to-1

The Toy Gumshoe only had part 1 and I anxiously looked forward to it to help me wrap my brain as a never-GM never-played Gumshoe who wants to GM for interested folks, I only ever played as a player orc-killing games.

Here at Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, Episode 153, Robin mentioned "1 to 1" Gumshoe at 59:00 minutes in.

Simon, prima facie these appear to be different things.

1) Will they in fact be convergent? OR
2) Are there plans to continue Toy Gumshoe?

Super thanks and hope everyone is well, and happilly busy!



  • Great topic!  I'm looking forward to Gumshoe 1v1 as mentioned by Ken and Robin, too.  I'm interested in how Robin will handle the "whiff' factor and the threat of death in a 1 PC game.  Multiple characters can pick up the slack for those other characters who may find themselves in trouble.  With a solitary PC, that factor changes.  The PC has to be "protected" either mechanically via the game rules or narratively via adventure design.  Robin mentioned the setting will be 1950s Los Angeles; that's great for a noiresque flavor game.
  •  Simon and Robin have been playtesting this in an LA Noir setting. There's a mention on FB but no details.

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