1 Investigative Point = 3 General Points?

I'm not quite sure were I got this idea, but I somehow have the notion that, if an investigative spend somehow provides you with pool points that can be used for a general ability test, it should usually be 3 General pool points for a 1-point investigative spend. Does anyone know if this is stated as guideline in any of the existing rule books? The only thing along the lines I could find with a quick look was on page 16 of Ashen Stars' Accretion Disk, with regards to the "History, Balla" skill. On the other hand, TOC uses a 1 to 2 ratio if you switch points between players in character creation ...
I'm getting prepared to try some houserulings in that direction to make investigative spends more player-driven, and I'm wondering if the 1:3 ratio as a general guideline will work out.


  • I think 1:3 will work.  A rule of that kind is Tactical Fact Finding Benefits (from Night's Black Agents), which has the guidance that the spend should generally "provide 3 or 4 points to each agent" either as individual pools or a team pool.  The award can be modified up or down based on the GM's call.  I generally use 1:3 in actions of this kind.  I could see a ToC game or a gritty/Dust version of NBA setting the ratio at 1:2 or even 1:1.  
  • I tend to use 1:3 it's a pulpier game and 1:2 otherwise and I've written guidance around this in Fearful Symmetries that gives the group some context for making a decision on what to choose.
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